Founded in 2021 by the Swedish female duo Alexandra Cronelöv and Alexandra Wiseman. ASYOAR is an inclusive swimwear brand, for women, by women, with a strong idea in mind -to encourage and empower every woman to be confident in their own skin, "as you are".


Our vision is to redefine the outdated swimwear industry to be more inclusive, diverse and adjustable to every shape. We want to promote all female bodies with the help of our products and our communication.

We think that it should be every woman’s right to feel confident and comfortable at the beach, in a bikini. Sadly, we’ve realised, that is not always the case. For decades we’ve been exposed to advertisements highlighting only one type of body shape.

Each year we see new articles and commercials sharing tips on how to get your body “beach ready”. Messages that tell us that we are not enough. We do not agree with that, and we want to be leaders in that change. We think that you are enough, just AS YOU ARE.


Our goal is to help women accept their bodies, by offering swimwear with a well thought-through fit for different body shapes. We are all unique and beautiful and so are our bodies. For us it’s a matter of course to reflect that and show our products on different body shapes, that every woman can relate to. Just as it should be.

To us, anxiety and swimwear does not belong together. Support us, join our community and help us change this, one step at a time! And don’t forget, you are already beach ready, and have always been, just AS YOU ARE.